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Safety Razor
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Safety Razor


Over 2 billion disposable plastic razors are thrown out each year in the U.S. alone.  That's enough to wrap around the Earth end-to-end 6 times!  

By eliminating plastic from the shaving equation we hope to prevent the creation of unnecessary plastic waste and the pollution associated with it.  

Product Info

  All-metal, stainless steel shaver - durable, attractive, and plastic free!

• Appropriate for all your shaving needs (men and women)

 Includes 10 free high quality double-edged razor blades

• Each blade lasts a minimum of 5 shaves, but for lighter hair growth, much longer

 Replacement blades are just $15 HKD for a 10-pack

 Comes with hemp Albatross razor bag

 Available in two styles: Butterfly (twist the bottom to load blade) and 3-piece (screw handle into blade holders to load blade)

• Both styles/designs function the same in terms of shaving, they are just different in the way you load the blade

 Please click HERE for shaving tips with a safety razor

• Please click HERE to view the replacement blade packs


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