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Laundry Soap Flakes<br> 75 Full Loads
Laundry Soap Flakes<br> 75 Full Loads
Laundry Soap Flakes<br> 75 Full Loads

Laundry Soap Flakes
75 Full Loads


This tiny 50g bag of Marseille soap flakes can make 3.5 liters of liquid laundry detergent, which can wash up to 75 full loads of laundry! A 100% sustainable alternative, it's recommended for all types of textiles, but especially fragile items like wool, silk and lace.

For Machine Wash

To make the liquid soap, dilute 20g of flakes into 1 liter of super hot water, and shake until dissolved

Once dissolved, add another 1/2 liter of super hot water, totaling 1.5 liters of liquid soap

Use 50 mls of liquid soap for every full load of laundry (5 kg of clothes)

This means if you do a full load of laundry every day, the entire bag of soap flakes will last for over two months, or 75 loads.


Product Info

• 50g soap flakes / 3.5L of liquid soap, in a cotton bag

• Use 10 mls of liquid soap for every 1 kg of laundry

• Full load of laundry = 5 kg and would call for 50 mls of soap

• No coloring, no added fragrances, no synthetic products, palm oil free, phosphate free and biodegradable 

• Vegan and cruelty-free

• Will not pollute the waterways

• Plastic-free packaging

• The traditional Marseille process includes the soap being cooked in cauldrons for about 10 days 

• Ingredients: oleic sunflower oil, coconut oil, aqua, glycerin*, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide.

• Made in Marseille, France

* The glycerine in our Marseille soaps has not been added, it is the one that is naturally present in vegetable oil. After a 10 day cooking period and many rinses, only a small amount remains. Authentic Marseille soap, when it is made according to traditional processes, is actually glycerine free. “Glycerine” is, however, listed in our soaps’ ingredients because some traces remain. The new cosmetic regulation requires all ingredients, even in small quantities, to be stated in the list of ingredients.


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