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Laundry Soap Block<br> 100+ loads
Laundry Soap Block<br> 100+ loads
Laundry Soap Block<br> 100+ loads

Laundry Soap Block
100+ loads


This 200g laundry soap block can be used for any fabric stains, hand-washing, or easily grated into flakes to make a 100% sustainable liquid laundry detergent. Just dissolve and dilute it with hot water and get washing!

Product Info

• Each 200g soap block can wash up to 100 loads of laundry or more

• Recommended for all types of textiles, but especially fragile items like wool, silk and lace

• Palm oil free, no coloring, no added fragrances, no synthetic products, phosphate free and biodegradable 

• Vegan and cruelty-free

• Will not pollute the waterways

• Ingredients: sodium sunflowerseedate, sodium cocoate, aqua, glycerin*, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide

• Made in Marseille, France



• For stubborn stains: rub the cube of soap on the stain before washing; ideal for greasy stains, stubborn stains and shirt collars

• For hand-washing: wet your textile, including delicate items like baby clothes, wool, silk, lace, etc., rub them with the soap block to create a lather, rinse in clean water

• To create liquid soap for machine washing, follow these directions:

Grate approximately 30g of soap shavings and put into your heat-resistant container

Add 1L of very hot water and stir or shake vigorously until dissolved



Use 10 mls of liquid soap for every 1 kg of laundry

Full load of laundry would call for 50 mls of liquid soap



If your water is hard, add a cupful of white vinegar in the fabric conditioner compartment at regular intervals

For a scented fragrance, add a few drops of essential oil to your washing liquid (lavender, tea tree or citrus for example)

For a whiter effect, add a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda or a small handful of soda crystals


* The glycerine in our Marseille soaps has not been added, it is the one that is naturally present in vegetable oil. After a 10 day cooking period and many rinses, only a small amount remains. Authentic Marseille soap, when it is made according to traditional processes, is actually glycerine free. “Glycerine” is, however, listed in our soaps’ ingredients because some traces remain. The new cosmetic regulation requires all ingredients, even in small quantities, to be stated in the list of ingredients.


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