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Ice Pop Mold <br> Neo Style
Ice Pop Mold <br> Neo Style
Ice Pop Mold <br> Neo Style

Ice Pop Mold
Neo Style


Ice lollies are a fan favorite in our home, so when we found this adorable, stainless steel, ice pop mold set, we were so delighted!

Never again will you have to deal with plastic molds breaking after extended use, when accidentally dropped or when under pressure from the extreme cold.  Free your kitchen and the world from anymore unnecessary plastic waste!

Product Info

 Includes: 1 stand, 6 molds, 6 lids, 12 removable silicone rings, and 12 reusable bamboo sticks

• The silicone rings ensure proper stick placement; no more tilted, sunken or popped out sticks

• View our bamboo replacement sticks HERE

• Made from 18/8 stainless steel

 Easy to use and easy to clean

• Highly durable and long lasting

 To remove, simply hold the mold in your hand for a moment, or run under warm water briefly

• Hand wash in warm soapy water