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Face Brush
Face Brush
Face Brush
Face Brush

Face Brush


Exfoliate, stimulate and cleanse with this Redecker face brush.  Made from soft, natural bristles and goat hair, it can be used in your cleansing routine to remove dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and help the lymph system to drain.

Product Info

 Made from oiled beechwood, boar bristles* and goat hair** with a cotton strap

 Helps to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage

• To extend the life of your brush, oil the wood with a natural oil

 14.5 cm / 5.7"

• To use: brush dry, cleansed skin from the décolleté upwards, working in small circular motions, continuing to work the brush upwards and outwards until you’ve buffed it over the entire face, making sure to avoid the delicate eye area

*The boar hair used for these brushes is a by-product, that would otherwise be thrown away.  Redecker has found a use for them and turned potential waste into something useful.  They are cleaned by being boiled twice and then treated with hydrogen peroxide.  No harmful chemicals are used in this process.

**The goat hair is obtained through the normal grooming process or from goats who have naturally passed away.  Absolutely no goats are harmed in this process!


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