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3-Clip Container
  • 3-Clip Container
  • 3-Clip Container

3-Clip Container


Leakproof and airtight, this 3-clip stainless steel food container is perfect for storing baby food, packing away leftovers or taking your food on the go!

Available in 2 different sizes.

Product Info

 Crafted from 100% high-quality, food-grade stainless steel

 The lid is lined with a silicone ring to ensure container is airtight and leakproof

 Small size: 8 cm / 3" in diameter; holds .6 cups / 4.7 oz

• Medium size: 12 cm / 4.75" in diameter; holds 3 cups / 24 oz

 Bottom is dishwasher and oven safe; hand wash lid

 Made in Korea


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