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Dog Shampoo Bar

Dog Shampoo Bar


Suitable for all canine heroes! This dog shampoo bar is made using a special formula of natural ingredients that cleans your dog’s coat without harsh chemicals or detergents.

Easy to use and long-lasting with a high foaming lather, it will leave your dog’s skin moisturized and his coat soft and silky. Made with castor oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil for a healthy shine, as well as aloe ferox gel and ground oats to soothe sensitive skin.

By combining diatomaceous earth with neem oil and selected essential oils, this soap is an effective flea and tick repellant that is harmless to your dog.

Product Info

• 140g

• Made from scratch using the traditional cold-processing method, this is a 48 hour process where no external heat is used and the natural, healing properties of the ingredients are preserved.

• Made on a beautiful farm in the rolling green hills of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, South Africa, they use as much locally grown and sourced materials as possible, including some plant extracts which they grow themselves

• No preservatives, artificial colours or petrochemical-based fragrance oils are used, only essential oils are used for scent

• Palm Oil vs Free-Range Tallow: Supporting holistic, organic farming methods that help to conserve the natural biodiversity of an area is very important to Rondavel Soaps. This is the main reason they do not use palm or palm kernel oil in any of their products. Palm oil plantations in Indonesia, Malaysia and West Africa destroy rainforest habitats and the animals and people they support.  As an alternative to palm oil, they use sustainable beef tallow. This is rendered kidney fat from beef cattle that are raised on a holistic farm that is environmentally and ethically sound, in a remote area of the North-West province of South Africa. The cattle are entirely free range on natural veld (shrubs, trees and grasses), and no pasture is grown for them. No pesticides or herbicides are used, including no tick dipping. They live together in stress-free family herds, at a density that is low enough to maintain veld condition, and have constant access to drinking water. No hormones or routine antibiotics are used, only a mineral salt lick is provided. The tallow is a byproduct of the meat production, and we believe follows the ethos of using the whole animal, and using local resources, rather than importing ingredients with a large carbon footprint. This high quality tallow produces an incredible bar of soap, with creamy stable lather, hardness and no known allergies.

Ingredients: veld-raised beef tallow, spring water, sunflower oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, jojoba, castor, macadamia nut oil, neem leaf powder, ground oats, aloe ferox gel, diatomaceous earth and essential oils of: cymbopogon citrates, lavandin aerials, eucalyptus citriodora, menthe piperita, pelargonium graveolens, rosmarinus officinalus


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