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Mimosa Twist

Mimosa Twist

Looking for a fun drink for your next special occasion?  This fun twist on a mimosa is a definite crowd-pleaser and can work for morning, afternoon and evening events.  

Here's what you do...

  • Fill our SHERE ICE TRAYS with freshly squeezed orange juice

  • Make sure the ice tray is locked in place and freeze overnight

  • Pop out when ready to serve and pour your favorite champagne over each ice ball

  • Each tray makes 4 ice spheres which measure approximately 2.5" / 6.3 cm 


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Top 10 Ways To Use Our Silicone Ice Trays

Top 10 Ways To Use Our Silicone Ice Trays

The freezer is one of modern day's greatest inventions. The ability to preserve and prep food for later is monumental in decreasing our food waste as well as our daily workload.

We've come up with a few ideas below to use with both of our Everyday and XL Ice Cube Trays. What are some of your suggestions?  We would love to hear!

1. Leftover herbs to pop out and use at a moment's notice⁠

2. Squeeze and freeze your lemons and limes before they go sour⁠

3. Leftover coffee for tomorrow's iced latte without diluting your drink⁠

4. Coconut or almond milk to put in your iced coffee or blend into your smoothies

5. Ginger juice to add to sparkling water and lemon drinks⁠

6. Your favorite stock for future soups⁠

7. Baby food

8. Leftover pasta sauce or tomato paste

9. XL ice cubes for your favorite cocktail as seen below

10. Dress up your cocktail with fruit filled cubes like pomegranate



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    My Favorite Summertime Salad: Kale, Lemon, Parmesan

    My Favorite Summertime Salad: Kale, Lemon, Parmesan

    I wanted to share with you my favorite salad at the moment. Inspired by Jamie Oliver, you can whip this up in minutes, and stay satisfied for hours!⁠ Seriously, I could eat this for days, so good and super healthy.

    But first, if you're looking for plastic-free produce, I found a great source with Eat Fresh HK. Everything comes wrapped in paper and is delivered in a cooler bag that you can either hand back on the spot, or with your next delivery.  Not only is it plastic-free, but it's also local and organic. Perfection!


    • Kale⁠

    • 1 lemon⁠

    • 60 mls of buttermilk or yogurt⁠

    • 30 mls of grated parmesan cheese⁠

    • Toasted pine nuts⁠

    • Olive oil⁠

    • Sea salt⁠ ⁠

    WHAT YOU DO⁠ ⁠

    • Chop the kale fine and throw into a bowl as you go⁠

    • Drizzle with olive oil⁠

    • Stir in the buttermilk or yogurt⁠

    • Add the zest of one lemon⁠

    • Add the juice of 1/2 a lemon⁠

    • Add the pine nuts and parmesan cheese⁠

    • Salt to taste⁠ ⁠

    And you can keep things tidy with our gorgeous washed linen tea towels by Linen Tales, seen in the picture above.  Sold in 3 different designs.

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    DIY Citrus Cleaning Solution

    DIY Citrus Cleaning Solution


    Looking for a way to upcycle your citrus peels? Or for a good cleaning concoction to use with our Cleaning Essentials glass spray bottles? Then this cleaning solution is for you!⁠  Can be used on a variety of surfaces, it costs very little to make, and makes use of potential rubbish.


    • A mason jar

    • Citrus peels (orange, grapefruit, lemon or lime)

    • White vinegar

    • Spray bottle

    • Optional: Liquid Castile soap, lemon essential oil


    • Collect your citrus peels in a large mason jar and store in the fridge⁠ until full

    • Once the jar is full with peels, fill it up with white vinegar so the peels are covered, and let it sit out on the countertop for a week or two⁠

    • Once ready to use, fill your glass spray bottle half way with the vinegar/citrus solution and half with water⁠

    • Add a touch of liquid Castile soap and a few drops of lemon essential oil if so desired

    • Clean until your hearts content!⁠


    • Make sure you remove all of the fruit from the peels, otherwise the cleaning solution might be sticky⁠

    • If not organic, make sure to clean the peels well before using

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    Freezing Meals With Stasher Bags: Tips & Tricks

    Freezing Meals With Stasher Bags: Tips & Tricks

    Stasher Bags make meal prep and freezing meals in advance super duper easy, and we're here to show you a few tips and tricks to motivate you and get you started. Sometimes life happens and you just don't have time to cook a meal, but want something nourishing and homemade instead of picking over your pantry and fridge for whatever you can find.


    I know firsthand how hard it can be to find time to do things that don't necessarily feel like a necessity, but setting aside 2-3 hours every week will save you time in the long run and will benefit you more than not.  Lots of people like to do some meal prepping on Sundays, or at the very least two Sundays (or any day that works) a month.  You might not think this will be enough time, but try it out and see for yourself.  It WILL make a difference!


    If finding time throughout the week to meal prep feels too hard, then you can choose to double your favorite recipes while cooking, and freeze the extra portion.  It will hardly add any extra time to your day and will produce extra meals so easily. Before you know it your freezer will be stocked!


    Having pre-made sauces on hand can inspire a really quick meal.  Seeing your favorite pesto or grandma's homemade marinara recipe chilling on the freezer shelf can invoke a desire for a warm pasta or veggie dish.  Just freeze the sauces in the ice cube tray and pop them into your Stasher bag of choice once frozen.  Then dividing out the portion you need could not be easier.




    This is definitely one of my favorite meal prep tricks.  Making a soup is incredibly quick and easy if you have your preferred broth on hand.  For my household, anytime we have a roast chicken and are low on stock, we slow cook the carcass and drippings for 24 hours to produce many portions of stock.  Once cooked, we freeze in silicone trays and then transfer to our Stasher Stand Up until we're ready to use it.  You can also freeze big batches of veggie or beef stock, whatever is your fav! Want to see one of my go-to soup recipes? Check it out HERE! 


    Needs some ideas of fabulous freezer meals?  Well here you go!

    Frittata, Quiche, Burrito, Lasagna, Soups, Chili, Stews, Banana Bread, Scones, All sauces like Bolognese and Marinara, Casseroles, Meatballs, Meat or Veggie Pies, Chicken Tikka Masala, Kebabs, Fish Cakes, Curried Potato Pasties, Cheeseburgers, French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Cannelloni, Homemade Fish Fingers, Fried Prawn Rice, Veggie Burgers and on and on it goes.  Just google for more ideas!


    Did you know that Stasher Bags can go straight from freezer to oven? Yes it can!  Just leave the seal open, place it on baking sheet or oven-safe pan, and place it directly in the oven.  Saves on time and on washing up too.

    Personally we are not a microwave family and don't actually own one, but for those of you who are, Stashers can go in the microwave too!  Just remember to leave the bag open when microwaving and it will be defrosted or cooked in minutes.


    We hope these tips and tricks have given you a little inspiration towards streamlining your meal prepping and planning. And if you have any of your own ideas, please do share below in the comments. Our community would love to learn more!

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    What's In My Shower?

    What's In My Shower?

    Looking for ways to create a more sustainable bathroom?  Let's take a step into my shower to give you some ideas, and check out the items I love to use the most in my bathing routine!

    1. Plain Products Organic Liquid Shampoo & Conditioner: I have used shampoo bars before, but after some trial and error, this product has become my top choice for washing my locks.  Organic, vegan and safe for the waterways, it's also packaged in a recyclable or reusable aluminum bottle with an aluminum cap. How awesome!

    2. Bareaya Safety Razor: I've used a handful of razors along my safety razor journey, and this one is hands down the best. So easy to use without nicking yourself, great for both men and women alike, super beautiful and designed right here in Hong Kong.  Big crush!

    3. Olive Oil Soap Bar with Pearwood Soap Dish: I'm in love with this soap by Marius Fabre because of it's purity and moisturizing qualities. It may seem expensive, but it lasts much longer than other soaps, especially if you allow it to dry out in between uses. Handmade in France and cooked in a cauldron to traditional Marseille soap-making methods, it also requires very little packaging!  And the soap dish?  Well it's just plain gorgeous and looks great on my white tub:)

    4. Natural Sea Sponge: Responsibly harvested by hand from the Mediterranean, these sponges are a perfect sustainable alternative to synthetic sponges, are super absorbent, lather very easily and gentle on all skin types. Care for it properly by squeezing it dry and air drying between uses, and it was also last a very long time.  And the cherry on top? It makes a great natural bath toy for the kids!

    5. Wooden Foot File: This ones all about the self-care!  Extend the length of your pedicures and keep that dry skin at bay. For me one of these is a necessity if I want to keep my feet looking presentable, and what's better than a wooden option!


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    How to Effectively Use Our Zero-Waste Planner

    How to Effectively Use Our Zero-Waste Planner


    We think our 100% recyclable planner by Wisdom Supply Co is the best, and we're here to show you why. Check out our favorite features and how we like to use it to keep ourselves extra-organized.



    • 2 pages for every week, so there is lots of room to include everything you need to remember
    • Lay-flat binding design, so when you have it opened to the necessary week, it lays flat on its own without needing any help
    • The cover and interior pages are made from 100% recycled material
    • At the end of the year, it is 100% recyclable, just separate the pages from the binding and add to your paper recycling
    • Printed with vegetable based inks
    • Absolutely 100% plastic-free!



    In my household, there are three of us managing things: myself, my husband and our nanny, so using one of these makes communicating and keeping things running smoothly super easy.

    On the lefthand page are three columns.  I like to use the first one for actual appointments that are happening at a specific time.  I don't usually have more than 2-3 appointments in one day, so this is enough space for me.  But these could trickle into the 2nd column as well if needed.  Then in the 2nd and 3rd columns, I like to put to-dos that can happen at any time during that day, for example booking future appointments, getting gifts for an upcoming birthday or getting admin done around the house.


    On the righthand page, I like to write down weekly goals/to-dos or things that are happening on an ongoing basis, like my children's supplement schedules.  This is also a great place to jot down meal ideas or your growing grocery list for the week.


    And where you store your planner is also equally important, because if it isn't in a handy place, you're not going to use it.  We keep ours nestled in between the cookbooks, so it's protected from kitchen messes but easy to grab when needed.

    I also have one for my personal use to keep track of my work life, and carry it around with me in my backpack for easy use. You can see it here below!


    I hope this helps you see how awesome this product is!  We are huge fans and believe staying organized is crucial for a successful life.  And if we can do it sustainably, even better! 

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    40 Things to Stash in Your Pocket Size Stasher

    40 Things to Stash in Your Pocket Size Stasher

    Our new Stasher bag to join the party is small but mighty! You'll find the pocket size super useful for all the little things in your life and it looks so pretty too.  For your daily on-the-go activities, the office, the home or on your next traveling adventure, you'll find they always come in handy. Here are 40 ways to use them, and we're sure there are much more!

    Keep your on-the-go essentials organized

    1. Snacks - take a handful of almonds to-go or save a half-eaten health bar

    2. Supplements - stash them in pill or powder form

    3. Medicine - ibuprofen, cough drops, homeopathic remedies

    4. Menstrual cup - both sides of the pocket stasher are frosted for discretion

    5. Hair clips & hair ties - finally so much easier to find

    6. Jewelry - transform from day to night with extra sparkles in your stasher

    7. Make-up - stash midday touch up essentials like our lip tints or deodorants 

    8. Cards & Cash

    9. Coins for laundry

    10. Earbuds / phone charger

    11. Essential oils

    12. Crystals - take your aura with you wherever you go

    Choose Your Adventure

    13. Shampoo bar

    14. Mini first-aid - stash bandages, alcohol wipes, ointment and aloe

    15. Keep matches dry when you’re camping

    16. Bring parmesan to a picnic

    17. Pack salt for margaritas on a beach retreat

    18. Stash a festival survival kit - lip balm, bandaids, bug spray, mints / chewable toothpaste, sunscreen

    19. Small allen/hex keys for long-distance cycling

    20. Tiny climbing gear like nuts, anchors and slings

    21. Golf tees

    Stash Around The House

    22. Small leftover fruits and veggies - save the other half of your jalapeno, or that handful of berries your toddler demanded and then refused.

    23. Loose leaf tea - stash a special blend

    24. Keys for doors around the house

    25. Herbs - save your sage, thyme, rosemary and more

    26. Garlic cloves

    27. Homemade Pesto

    28. Seeds for gardening

    29. Pet treats

    30. Craft notions - buttons, bobbins, tape measures, etc.

    31. Bolts and washers - no screws or nails!

    32. Spare shoelaces and bra straps

    33. Mini ice pack

    34. Exercise bands

    35. Batteries

    For the Office

    36. Business cards

    37. Rubber bands

    38. Paper clips

    39. Flash drives

    40. Sticky tack


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    How to Dispose of Safety Razor Blades in Hong Kong

    How to Dispose of Safety Razor Blades in Hong Kong

    We often get asked how to properly dispose of safety razor blades here in Hong Kong, so we figured it was time to share some info on this topic! We recently asked Majorie, the founder of our favorite safety razor brand Bareaya, to help us with these details and this is what she had to share with us...

    "Recycling in Hong Kong is always a challenge, because it's difficult to know where to go, and you can't always be sure of what will become of the waste.⁠

    First things first: razor blades cannot and should not be thrown loose in the metal recycling bin. It would be a hazard for people handling them as they can cut through the trash bags.⁠

    In HK, you also have to know that the general municipality waste management system doesn't take back used blades for recycling.⁠ That being said, we do have a multitude of small collection shops and a website to search for them. For razor blades, like for anything out of the ordinary, my go-to website is this one:⁠ 

    If you enter "collector", then "Ferrous Metals" (shaving blades are usually stainless steel), and your district, you'll have a list of those small shops.⁠

    Because shaving blades are so tiny, it can take years to fill up a small container. Personally, I brought a tin of blades for recycling only once in HK. I went to 58 Second Street in SYP and a nice lady told me that yes they would be happy to take them as it's easy to recycle."⁠

    Awesome information, thanks Marjorie!

    🌟 Bonus tip: change the blade as soon as you feel the shave is not as close as it used to be. It is usually around 5 to 10 shaves but will vary from one person to another. Always rinse and let the blade and razor dry after use to get the best of their lifespan potential.⁠

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    Our Top Tips for Traveling Sustainably

    Our Top Tips for Traveling Sustainably

    We just got back from a short visit to Thailand with our 5 year old son and 19 month old daughter and I can tell you traveling with kids is a potential landmine of waste!  If you even want to have a chance at preventing a good portion of it, you need to be proactive with your planning and intentional with your packing, as well as staying consistently insistent with the hotel and restaurant staff to follow your requests.

    So were we 100% waste-free after four days in Thailand? Absolutely not! But we did make some successful packing choices and hopefully next time we figure out additional ways to make our journey even more sustainable. So here’s what I can recommend:

    Bring your own reusable cutlery, especially for the airplane. It felt so good to hand the disposable cutlery back to the flight attendant when they gave us our food.

    ✨ To avoid needing any bottled water on the airplane, bring along a reusable bottle with some Kuro-Bo coins, and after the security check, fill it up with tap water and pop in your coins to clean it.  Amazing!

    Bring along food containers to use at your destination. They work great for takeaway, leftovers or bringing snacks out and about with you. I had some ECOlunchbox Seal Cups and Stasher Bags and we used them every day.

    ✨Never need to buy chemical-filled sunscreen in a plastic bottle again!  Choose from four different sunscreen options from our new product line from Raw Elements, that are all sold in sustainable packaging, made from organic ingredients and 100% reef-safe.  I've tested it on my own skin as well as my kids, and I can speak from experience that it works!  Hooray!  I can't tell you how happy this makes me.

    We got super ambitious this time and brought along our Berkey water filter to use in our hotel room. And it was so easy! The two chambers pack into each other so it doesn’t take up too much space while enroute and we were able to have clean water whenever we needed it for the entirety of our trip. (You can purchase these locally at Seed in Sai Kung or online with the local Hong Kong distributor, just google!)

    Reusable water bottles are a must! We filled up with our Berkey filtered water before leaving the hotel room and never needed to buy water while out. Winning!

    So what were the biggest challenges???

    I didn’t have anywhere to wash Ava’s reusable nappies so I had to use disposables for these few days. This pretty much broke my heart, because it's otherwise easily avoidable, but I didn’t really see another way in these circumstances.

    Those pesky plastic straws were hard to avoid. Even if you tell them no straw it always seems to show up anyways!

    ✨Package-free kids snack to bring along from home are pretty much non-existent.  I live in the real world just like anyone else, and I need to be well armed with spoil-free food to stave off any potential hangry melt-downs from the littles.

    All in all, I'd say sustainable traveling has a long way to go, but hopefully people start to care more about this issue and try and make the effort. I can also tell you without hesitation, you’ll feel amazing when you're able to refuse those disposables and save the world from one more piece of plastic waste!

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